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Thoughts on NewBlue Plugins

Newblue is one of the first plugins I used frequently back in the days. It offers a huge range of transitions and effects.

I spent so much time messing with newblue roll cause it gives off beautiful transition between scenes in a smooth manner I thought manual keyframe work would take up so much time and efforts in mere seconds. I learnt that 12 frames are the minimum requirement to get the full rolls going on with rate of 100.

Another notable effect would be the Newblue Active Camera if you are to lazy to emulate shakes using manual keyframe. However, as of now, I preferred S_shake from Sapphire plugins that’s, in my opinion, easier to set up.

I also recently mess around with Newblue LE Neon Lights to obtain the infamous neon effects. And I must admit that it’s scary how this effects done its job very well. I felt guilty for skipping this effect when making the neon effect tutorial.

I’m sure that there are more promising transitions and effects that are worth mentioning. But being a doofus, I haven’t had time to explore all of them yet.